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SCPA Organics Application Form

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$85 Annual SCPA Organics Membership Fee
(Please note you must be a full member of SCPA.
Current annual SCPA membership is $80 - Join SCPA Now)
$100 for initial inspection fee
$264 for Comprehensive Organic Screen of soil sample

New to SCPA Organics? Join now and we'll waive the $85 annual SCPA
Organics and $80 SCPA membership fees, a saving of $165 for the first year's membership!

To complete your SCPA Organics membership, payment is required to be made.
We accept payments via Cheque or Money Order, Direct Deposit, or online via PayPal.
Payment information is found on the following screen once you complete this applcation form.

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SCPA wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of this land.