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SCPA Organics Members

ID Name Business Name Town Phone Products Organic Status
25 Peter Ascot BEND Neighbourhood Association Bega 64947292 Communal Land - Hay, Citrus, Vegetables, Fruit Certified
          Residential Land - Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs Pre-Certified/In Conversion
33 Colin & Anne Browne   Bermagui 64934519 Kiwifruit Certified
73 Chris Lefel & Judy Beggs Dromedary Glen Organics Narooma 44737818 Garlic, Vegetables Certified
100 Dallas Tapsall

Dallas' Sallad

Broganics Dallassallad Dogpaw Ranch

Brogo 64927339 Chickens, Vegetables, Eggs, Beef Cattle Certified
102 John & Allanna Thompson Eurorganics Surfbeach 44715023 Vegetables, Blueberries Certified
116 John & Sharon Champagne Brogo Permaculture Gardens Brogo 64927306 Tamarillo, Citrus, Apples, Avocado Certified
118 Malcolm & Julie Gilfillan Warawitcha Organic Olives Araluen 48464089 Olives, Olive Oil Certified
254 David Charlton & Lisa Roberts Provincial Plants & Landscapes Wandella 44779320 None Certified
254 David Charlton & Lisa Roberts Provincial Pastures Brogo 64927242 Milk, Pigs, Geese, Sheep, Chickens, Eggs Pre-Certified
264 Ross & Marian Riddett Bees and Things Verona 0408554189 Fruit, Jams, Eggs, Berries, Rhubarb Certified
310 Tom & Greta Sharman Bliss Honey Mogo 0423645427 Bee Products Certified
323 Charles Body Rockleigh Brogo 0409971128 None Pre-Certified
334 Steve Ryan Bournda Retreat Bournda 0437279185 Fruit & Vegetables Certified
341 Tim Stewart & Thea Constantaridis Fishbone Farm Cobargo 0404970703 Vegetables & Eggs In Conversion
350 Paul & Kerry Moran Narranghi Olive Grove Braidwood 0409025954 Olives & Oil Certified
362 Penny Kothe & Paul McKinnon Caroola Farm Mulloon 48421899 Poultry, Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Eggs In Conversion
401 Veronica & Ben Keating Brogo Valley Farm Brogo 64938248 Apples, Pears, Quinces, Oranges, Eggs, Lemons, Olives In Conversion
410 Mark Warner The Garlic Guild Cobargo 0429443172 Garlic Pre-Certified
413 Will & Karen Blythe Myrtle Mountain Farm Candelo 0481272979 Fruit, Nuts, Bee Products Orchard: Pre-Certified
Bees: In Converstion
429 Brooke Edwards & Mark Ryding Brogo River Organics Brogo 0420454641 Fruit & Spice In Conversion
443 Sharon Wesley   Yowrie 0425256711 Medicinal Herbs Pre-Certified
446 Graham & Mandy Thompson Reedy Creek Essential Oils Tilba 0400358514 Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Dried Leaf (Herbal) In Conversion


* Definitions

Pre-Certified - Is in first year of organic production

In Conversion - Is in organic production and has been inspected and found to be operating satisfactorily

Certified - Has been inspected and found to be operating satisfactorily over at least 3 consecutive years.


SCPA - South East Producers    Post: PO Box 1054 BEGA NSW 2550    ABN: 72 609 646 869     Email:


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SCPA wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of this land.